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5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, is located on the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Elk Mountains. The mountain town is known for its remarkable natural beauty and stunning slopes perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels can take on Aspen’s snowy mountains during the winter. During the summertime, the lush mountainside landscape offers people a variety of activities ranging from biking and hiking. There are even zip lining and ropes courses for the more adventurous outdoorsman. With ample opportunities for fun and exploration, Aspen is a great place for residents and visitors alike. Each of the neighborhoods in Aspen offers a unique charm so that residents can find the right fit for them and their lifestyle.

1. West End

The neighborhood of West End offers the tight-knit community feel of a small town within the city of Aspen. Situated in the southwestern part of Aspen, West End is a residential area. West End residents enjoy the best of both worlds as the area provides a neighborhood feel while having access to one of Colorado's major cities. While the neighborhood is residential, it is near Aspen’s downtown area so that residents can enjoy everything that the city has to offer. The neighborhood is home to historic architecture with Victorian homes lining the streets. The combination of Victorian-style houses and modern luxury homes creates a beautiful scene for those living in the West End. The residential neighborhood is home to some of Aspen’s many parks, including Triangle Park and Pioneer Park allowing people to get outside and enjoy nature. Residents can easily visit cultural centers in the West End to learn more about the community’s history. These attractions include the Wheeler/Stallard Museum, a Queen Anne-style Victorian mansion built in 1888, and the Red Brick Center For the Arts where people can see the revolving exhibits of local art or take an art class. The quiet elegance of West End attracts people wanting to live in one of the residential neighborhoods in Aspen.

2. Woody Creek

Despite its proximity to the city, Woody Creek is a small rural community that provides a rustic oasis from Aspen. The community is located along the Roaring Fork River just northwest of Aspen, only a quick drive away from the city. The mountain community is home to a small population of over one hundred people and is classified as a census-designated place. Despite its small size, Woody Creek is often visited by a variety of powerful and affluent people. For example, Representative Nancy Pelosi has a winter home in Woody Creek. The community is largely known for the Woody Creek Tavern, which was made famous by Hunter S. Thompson, an American journalist. The tavern is a beloved staple of the community showcasing the rich culture and history of the area. The rural community offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains while having easy access to the city of Aspen.

3. Central Core

For those who want to experience the hustle and bustle of city life in Aspen, the Central Core neighborhood is a great fit! Central Core is within the downtown area of Aspen, meaning that those living in the neighborhood are right in the heart of the city. The neighborhood has a vibrant social scene with many restaurants and bars. The area attracts residents and visitors alike with cultural attractions, shops, and other businesses. The neighborhood is walkable and friendly to pedestrians. There are a variety of housing options for prospective residents to explore. There are luxury home options, including single and multi-family houses as well as condos. People can lean into the historic architecture of the city with Victorian-style homes or opt for modern home designs as both elements are present in the neighborhood. While Central Core offers a city feel, residents have ample access to the mountain slopes that put Aspen on the map. Outdoor adventurers, from snowboarders to skiers, can hit the slopes. Aspen’s Central Core neighborhood showcases the duality of the city combining urban life with outdoor activities on the beautiful mountain landscape.

4. East Aspen

As its name suggests, the East Aspen neighborhood is situated on the eastern side of the Colorado city. The area attracts residents with its picturesque views and natural beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy nature trails for hikers, bikers, and skiers. Many luxury homes are sitting on beautiful estates in East Aspen. Due to the nature of the residential properties in East Aspen, residents can enjoy a sense of privacy and seclusion within the city. Surrounded by the luscious Colorado Rocky Mountains, East Aspen offers a luxurious take on the lifestyle of leisure offered by the neighborhoods in Aspen.

5. McLain Flats

The charming neighborhood of McLain Flats is located northwest of Aspen. McLain Flats allows residents to enjoy the privacy and beautiful scenery associated with living in nature while being a short drive from urban Aspen. The neighborhood’s winding roads and mountain location feels like an escape from the city. The magnificent landscape of the mountains surrounds the stunning estates and ranches that make up the McLain Flats. Those who live in Mclain Flats enjoy the seclusion offered by the area. There is thriving native wildlife in McLain Flats, ranging from deer and elk to even bald eagles. People choose to live in McLain Flats for the ample open space and stunning natural appeal.

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